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60th Anniversary CSDR Reunion!

 Stars of CSDRAA Banquet Night!

Fred Gravatt

Evelina Gaina

Branton Stewart

Master of CeremoniesNo Name Yet! ShowBranton's Misinterpreted World

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Entertainment Pass for $20.00 is available at the door.
Day Pass for $30.00 is available at the door.
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Last Announcement for 60th Reunion from Carolyn Gomez on Vimeo.


CSDRAA Cruise 2013

CSDR Cruise 2013Click Above!


Greeting! California School for the Deaf Riverside Alumni Association(CSDRAA) was founded by Greg Decker and the committee in 1983.  CSDRAA represents all the alumni of CSDR from 1953 to present. The purposes of CSDRAA is to encourage lasting ties between the Alumni and CSDR, to continue friendship formed by the Alumni during their student years, to provide a base which the Alumni have means to keep in touch one another, to create alumni support for CSDR in time of need, and finally to assist areas of leadership, character-building and idea citizenship.   Membership is open to any person who is a former student at CSDR. Members of CSDRAA may participate the annual alumni basketball and volleyball games. We also strive to preserve the  traditions of CSDR where all of us can enjoy our old memories together.